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Regain your health and well being through relieving restrictions in your fascial system

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Welcome to Lindy Physical Therapy, Ltd  where we provide individual, hands on care for you.  We believe in your ability to regain your health and well being through relieving restrictions in your fascial system.  At  Lindy Physical Therapy, Ltd we specialize in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR)  Sharon has been a physical therapist over 30 years.  After taking her first MFR class (1987) with John her typical treatment was 75% Traditional PT and 25% MFR.   Now that ratio has reversed with MFR being the focus 90% and PT being 10%   MFR assists you to get in touch with your power to heal with traditional PT wisdom sprinkled in to assist in the journey.

We use structural MFR, Rebounding and Unwinding to release your tissue.    It is a technique like massage that is skin to skin but unlike massage the emphasis is on engaging the barrier, holding gentle but firm pressure and waiting for a release of the connective tissue.  Your connective tissue is a 3 dimensional web that goes from the skin down to the cellular level.  The release affects the whole body - not just the tissue below the touch.   One of John's many quotes is "Without awareness, there is no choice" - MFR heightens your awareness so you  feel and heal the wounds from your past.    Ever wonder why your posture stays the same no matter how much you stretch?  We develop  subconscious holding patterns.  Your subconscious holding patterns are there to protect you - but some are outdated - still on auto-pilot.  Releasing the restrictions opens the possibility of change and the process begins.    Trust your subconscious to protect you.  It stored away what you could not handle at the time  and listens to the commands you give it.  But some of the command you gave it in the past may not be the ones you would give it now.  Yet the program runs on...  MFR can stay just physical but it is also an avenue to get in touch with the subconscious.  

I also now offer Biofield Tuning session either in person or remotely using sound as a healing medium to help clear restrictions in the energy field.

Lindy Physical Therapy, Ltd
Specializing in Myofascial Release

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You cannot change your past - but you can change how your past influences you.
Sharon  has achieved the Expert level with John Barnes and is an Instructor and Study Group Leader.