Sharon lives in Valley View, Tx on 15 acres with her horses, dog and cat.  Her Physical Therapy education is from Pacific University, Forest Grove, Or (1979-1985).   She started training with John Barnes in 1987 and has incorporated MFR into her therapy career throughout her 30+ years as a therapist.  In 2010 she decided to focus on MFR exclusively and has retaken all JFB MFR course since that time.  She is currently rated as Expert, is an assistant instructor, a study group leader and owner of her own private practice specializing in Myofascial Release.  

Sharon's office is in Denton where she works with people of all ages to free restricted fascia.  MFR is an amazing healing experience.    Sharon has experience with Orthopedics, Neurology, Women's Health (including incontinence treatment), Vertigo and chronic pain.  Whether your condition is acute or chronic learning how to best help yourself heal is the focus of MFR.  We address the whole body - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  Healing is a journey.   I look forward to helping you with your journey.

I encourage everyone to read John's book - Healing Ancient wounds and Joyce Patterson's Comprehensive Self Treatment with Myofascial Release to improve your treatments.

I also encourage you to explore John's web site  at and there you can read many articles and see his extensive reading list that is quite helpful in your journey. John also has a "find a therapist" site where you can locate others across the country that offer his services. 

To Book an appointment with Sharon – use the Book Now above or Call or text (940-372-1072).  I look forward to assisting you in your healing journey.

Lindy Physical Therapy, Ltd
Specializing in Myofascial Release

Call or Text to schedule your appointment: 940-372-1072

Denton Office: 
519 S Carroll Blvd, Ste 103, Denton Tx
Monday-Thursday : 9:00 - 5:30

Home Office:
1100 Oak Hill Road, Valley View, Tx
Friday: 10:15 - 4

You cannot change your past - but you can change how your past influences you.
Sharon  has achieved the Expert level with John Barnes and is an Instructor and Study Group Leader.