Thank you for your interest in Biofield Tuning.   We encourage you to approach this non-invasive, powerful method with curiosity and discernment.  

The following information is provided so that you can make the best decision for your well-being. Please note, we have not done extensive studies or organized research on these circumstances. This information is based on anecdotal experiences acquired through many sessions with Eileen McKusick and our Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners. 

Given this, consider limiting your use of tuning forks initially as a precautionary measure until you gain a sense of how your body responds. 

By sharing this information, BioSona, LLC does not accept responsibility for any possible outcomes.

Private Biofield & Body Tuning Sessions
We are Electric beings. Modern medicine tends to treat you like you are a back of chemical reactions with parts that are isolated and distinct when in fact we are integrated beings of light. We, like the earth have a biosphere of energy around us. It allows us to perceive our environment on much deeper levels than many admit is possible. It is why each of you know that a bathroom stall where you bump your elbows on the stall walls are very uncomfortable because it cramps your space. (Our 3’ zone there is also a 6’ zone at the tips of our fingers). Most horse people know their horses perceive them at 12-18’ easily while the good horsemen know it’s more like 45’ away that we first influence them. This is the biofield interacting…. It’s how you know someone is watching you. How you have an idea of what someone is thinking…. It is so helpful to have your energy field cleared to renew your sense of self.

I invite you to enjoy a relaxing Biofield Tuning in person or remotely. It’s a unique therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to introduce a coherent resonance to the bioelectromagnetic field that surrounds our body. It can help release stuck energy while inducing a sense of deep relaxation and grounding. It is a simple, non-invasive, and elegant method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Conducted in person or remotely.

Sharon Lindy PT has taken both the Foundations and Practitioner courses and finished her Practicum work. Biofield tuning can be done in person or at a distance with equal effectiveness. You may find listening to the group sessions is very helpful. Having one on one session can be a powerful way to free longstanding patterns. I enjoy both personally. There are several free audio sessions available from Biofield Tuning I believe everyone should have.

Considerations With Biofield Tuning Audio Sessions
In the five years that Group Audio Sessions have been conducted, thousands of people
have received them and very few adverse reactions have been reported.

If you are interested in experiencing a Biofield Tuning Audio Session, we recommend
paying close attention to how your body is feeling while listening. In all cases, we recommend trusting your own senses and choosing sessions accordingly.
Consider our free audio session, “Overcoming Overwhelm,” which is a gentle introduction to this modality. The focus of this audio session is to remain centered and calm in situations that may be overwhelming. 

The focus of a session commonly includes one or more of the following techniques:
• Adrenal Reset to re-calibrate the effects of long periods of stress
• Sonic Meridian Flush to open energetic channels
• TMJ & Headache Relief (in person only)
• Sun Star to restore a sense of wholeness

Once cancer has advanced in the body, detox pathways are often compromised, and the body may have difficulty digesting newly introduced energetic input.
The body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox symptoms that may result from Biofield Tuning.
We have observed tumors may be irritated by tuning and as such, we suggest not applying forks directly on them.
*These statements refer to cancer that is active and/or in treatment; not to cancer that is in remission
Biofield Tuning may overwhelm end-of-life body systems which are often in a
depleted energetic state.
End-of-life detox may be uncomfortable as the body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox symptoms.
Components of Biofield Tuning have been used as a means of calming the nervous system during end-of-life circumstances to ease transition.
During pregnancy, the body expends a tremendous amount of energy; Biofield Tuning may overwhelm this already overextended system.
The body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox systems which may affect both mother and baby.
Components of Biofield Tuning, such as using weighted forks on the body for limited duration, have been used to promote relaxation during pregnancy.
Tuning forks may interfere with the electrical functioning of these devices due to the added vibrational input.
No reports of ill effects have been associated with newer pacemakers. Proceed with caution, careful observation, and the advice of your medical professional.
* Pacemaker, Medtronic pumps, neural implants
When the brain is swollen, it takes time for inflammation to resolve.  
We suggest waiting at least 3 months after a significant injury for the brain to heal before receiving Biofield Tuning on or around the head. The rest of the body can receive gentle tuning shortly after injury occurs.
Each case is different – with mild concussions, components of Biofield Tuning may be used before the 3-month waiting period.
Suppressed emotions and energy can be held in adipose tissue.  If there is extensive adipose tissue, Biofield Tuning may result in unpredictable and strong emotional releases and/or uncomfortable detox responses.
Individuals may be more comfortable receiving Biofield Tuning while seated versus on a treatment table.
A Biofield Tuning session may initiate a large release of toxins from cells, resulting in discomfort. Some individuals with heavy metal toxicity have experienced a strong detox response following a Biofield Tuning session. Consider seeking guidance for supplements that may support the detoxification process.
Avoid using firm pressure with weighted forks directly over large varicose veins. This has the potential to dislodge blood clots.
Consider working gently with mild pressure in the area around varicose veins rather than directly on them.
No reports of ill effects have been associated with using gentle pressure on and around spider veins.
Avoid using direct pressure with weighted forks over dental implants, chipped/broken teeth, or bone fragments in the gums, as this may cause them to shift due to the vibration of the tuning fork.
Avoid working with weighted forks directly on any recent broken or fractured bones, as the vibrational input can be uncomfortable and interfere with the natural healing process.
Direct pressure with weighted forks on these areas may cause discomfort.  
In these circumstances, consider gentle use of the tuning forks until you gain a sense of how your body responds.
*Metal rods, screws, plates

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