Health and Wellness Through MFR

If you are not under a doctor's care but still have aches and pains and would like to feel better and truly heal to the best of your abilities - Private Instruction in Health and Wellness is a great option for you.  In Texas, a Licensed Physical Therapist may provide instructions to any person who is asymptomatic relating to the instructions being given without a referral, including instruction to promote health, wellness, and fitness. So if you are seeking MFR under those conditions – you do not need a prescription. (For acute/symptomatic conditions or for internal pelvic work – you will need a prescription for Physical Therapy.)  Health and Wellness instruction may still qualify for deduction on your taxes but is not an insurance reimbursable item.  

MFR allows you to explore the web of fascial restrictions treating the whole person - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  It often releases things you have come to accept as normal returning you to an improved state of well being.  I am Stott Pilates trained as well as having my Physical Therapy background so often I have insights for you to incorporate specific exercises that will help you get the most of your session.
Health and Wellness visits focus on instruction in MFR and exercise to address issues you may have with balance, posture or strength.  
  • 60 minute Myofascial Release massage
90 min session allows deeper relaxation or more time for exercise after full session of MFR. 
  • 90 minute Myofascial Release massage

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Sharon  has achieved the Expert level with John Barnes and is an Instructor and Study Group Leader.