Below is a collection of stretching exercises for MFR Self Treatment.  The Key principles to follow include - go gently to the barrier with light pressure - add an elongation or telescoping moment to the stretch to engage the full body.  Use your breath and intention to relax, melt or let go of the tension. (in otherwords - feel into you tissue)  Take your breaks off and go with the flow.  If you find yourself moving or experiencing feelings and emotions try not to control it too much.  Feeling is healing.  Trust your intuition and subconscious to take care of you.  But be aware that things come to the surface so you can discover how you believe and the things you have programmed into your subconscious.  As your awareness increases - you have the opportunity to reprogram things that no longer serve you.  Spend at least five minutes per stretch.  Turn some music on and explore.

It takes time for the mechanical energy  from the light  pressure applied to the barrier -( too much just sets up the protection mechanism of the system and will result in nothing happening) to change into the piezoelectric effect (pressure electricity)  to  phase transition where the release happens.  So go gentle and stay with it.

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