4" ball: so useful in so many ways.

John's book - Healing Ancient Wounds A must read!

I prefer the smart roller - available on Amazon Unlike a round roller - your shoulders can relax and your chest can stretch so your back can let go as you lay on it. Use the flat side to you at first - want more challenge - put rounded side to you.

And the self- treatment book by Joyce Patterson is an invaluable resource.

Thomas Hanna - The Myth Of Aging

He has many tapes to explore - great place to start is with the Myth of aging.  He also has a book if you like to read.

Trust me - it's hard to find on your own.  Now available in downloadable form or you can order the CD's.  Once on site - you can look around at his other tapes.  His book is available there or on Amazon.

Explore the Future of Arm and Shoulder Rehab Establishing the ability to therapeutically communicate WITH a patient’s nervous system versus battling against its protective nature offers a refreshingly freeing means of healing most effectively.

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You cannot change your past - but you can change how your past influences you.
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