Amy L - Denton, TX

Our daughter is a competitive soccer player. When she takes knocks and bumps that linger more than a day or two we come to Sharon for MFR, strength training, stretching instruction, and BEMER sessions. Sharon keeps my girl in one piece and corrects improper body mechanics before they can become an issue. Sharon has become an invaluable resource for our daughter when regular recovery sessions aren't enough.

Pam C - McKinney, TX

About 4 years ago, I was in a car accident where a gentleman ran a red light and totaled my suburban. This accident left me with a serious and painful neck injury along with numbness in both hands. For over a year, I worked with my physical therapist to strength my neck but was still left with chronic neck pain. On a day-to-day basis, I was at a pain level of 7-8. Every activity I enjoyed was no fun because of this injury. Cooking, golfing, traveling, amusement parks, walking my dogs all made my neck hurt even more, put me in a very bad mood and I know I was no fun. Unfortunately, my doctor felt surgery was the only way to alleviate my pain but even surgery was no guarantee that I would be pain free. The surgery, the lengthy recovery and being a type 1 diabetic which would making the healing process even longer were too overwhelming and scary. After discussing my concerns with my surgeon, he suggested postponing the surgery as long as possible by finding a way to manage my pain. The physical therapist suggested a physical therapist who uses the MFR treatment.

For 2 years, I tried a few physical therapists who claimed a specialization in MFR and gave me some relief dropping my pain level a bit but nothing that would last more than a couple of days. About a year and half ago, my therapist at the time was moving so referred me to Sharon. I live in McKinney and Sharon is in Denton. I was desperate for relief so thought Denton is kinda far but I would try anything for even just a little relief. I scheduled an appointment with Sharon with the intent of finding someone closer but after that first visit, I determined Denton is not too far for the relief Sharon gave me after just one visit.

I have now been seeing Sharon for about a year and a half…on most days my pain level is DECREASED to a 2-3 and have NO numbness in my hands! I do my very best to see Sharon on a weekly basis. I can participate in the activities I love without the fear of pain. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain activities or if I over do-it (which I am known to do) my pain level will increase but I know I can visit Sharon and find relief. My overall mood is so much better without the chronic pain which makes living with me so much easier. My family dreads the few weeks here and there, I have to miss an appointment. Denton is a long drive each week from McKinney but soooo worth it!!!

Martin Black - Bruneau, ID

​I have had multiple injuries to my neck, shoulders, ribs, and have suffered migraine headaches for years. Different therapy, adjustments, and drugs were tried to relieve the problem with little or no success. After receiving treatments from Sharon, not only did she fix the problem at the time, but I also have rarely had any problems since. I get a maintenance check up from time to time and I'm very thankful she is available.

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